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Special Education & Pupil Services

Welcome to Plymouth School District's Department of

Pupil Personnel / Special Education Services.

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We believe that all children have the ability to learn with interventions and supports from scientifically-based programming and dedicated staff in our ‘community of learners" environment. Each and every one of our students will be afforded the opportunity to achieve across the board with many opportunities in their home schools following the ‘inclusion-model' setting. Students will be recognized and valued individually in their learning communities, encouraged to demonstrate ownership in their learning programs, and be assisted to seek what they need for maximum learning.

Children will be celebrated for who they are as individuals and defined by their strengths rather than their shortcomings; their innate gifts nurtured by staff thereby helping them to meet the ‘raising of the bar' of learning that we expect of all students. We expect that our students will transition to become successful members of our community, continue to take advantage of future educational opportunities and become life-long learners, or join the ranks of the employed in order to claim their places as productive and contributing members of society.

At Plymouth School District's Department of Pupil Personnel / Special Education Services, it is our mission that all children will learn as described above. This sets the stage for educational programs and services for those students with specific learning needs, throughout their educational lives through age 21 (as per Special Education laws). The educational goals and objectives of these students is the same as that of all students. It is our goal to afford our special students access to the general curriculum and be given the option to be included in all of the school-based academic and school-sponsored programs that are accessible to their non-disabled peers so that everyone has the chance to achieve and maximize his/her individual potential.

The express purpose of the Plymouth School District's Department of Pupil Personnel / Special Education Services is to promote continued professional collaboration between regular and special education staff to assure successful learning opportunities and outcomes for our special education students.